More about me

Thank you so much for showing interest in me! For those of you that have been supporting my mom for a while, you will defenitely know me, maybe you even saw me grow up into the woman I am today! 

Seeing my mother carry her job with such passion was beyond inspiring and therefore it was crystal clear to me I had to carry on her legacy. 

That's why what you once knew as "Haileysbuilds" nowadays turned into "Emmasbuilds". I promise you though, not much has changed. The apple didn't fall far from the tree in our family. 


Me as a designer

As a designer I really love to work on small to medium sized projects for the average person. I love using natural ingredients, warm tones and colors and some of my favorite styles are bohemian and modern! Preferably combined. 

I love working with open plan concepts. Let me do the math and come up with a lay-out that will allow you to get the most space out of your home/office or whatever you need from me!

You can stay updated on these projects by following my designated Instagram or Tumblr!

Me as a mom

When I am not working, I am a wife and a mother. Me and my husband Thomas have been dating since we were young teens and have been married happily for a few months now. (you can get the venu we have used for this here btw!)

I am a mom of toddler Flo, dog Hector and a loooot of plants. I am also currently pregnant so we will be adding onto our lovely family later this year!

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Me as a creator

Because I am very stubborn and I always have a very clear vision in my mind I also started designing custom content.

These mainly consist of recolor sets, because I also come up with monthly content and create custom items.

You can find my cc sets, or request some of your own by checking out my cc page.

If you want to stay updated on new content I would recommend for you to follow my designated Instagram or Tumblr


Social Media

I am very active on social media and every field that I work in has their own page. This is to ensure that every single crowd has their own designated place to turn to. Maybe you love my designs, but don't care about my personal life. Or vice versa!

@emmasbuilds - builds + interior design
@emmascustomcontent - cc sets 
@emmasofficelife - personal life 

- builds + interior design 
@emmascustomcontent - cc sets 

@haileysbuilds - family life, tutorials + more!