Baby Announcements

3 sets -  Members Gift

Since this is a membership gift it won't be released to the general public, but feel free to have a look if you're still on the fence about it! Members can grab their download conveniently in one click on their membership page.


Rainbow Baby Set

1. Onesie
2. Letterboard
3. Rainbow plushie

4. pacifier

5. Oh baby! blocks

6. Ultrasound

* Fans are excluded from gifts

Desert Baby Set

1. Cactus plushie
2. Letterboard
3. Onesie
4. Oh baby! blocks
5. Ultrasound
6. Pacifier


* Fans are excluded from gifts


Coffee Baby Set

1. Ultrasound
2. Donut Pluchie
3. Oh baby! blocks
4. Onesie
5. Pacifier
6. Letterboard


* Fans are excluded from gifts

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