Thank you so much for checking out my builds! On this page you can find the full collection with my most recent builds highlighted for reoccuring visitors. To make it a little easier to find what you are looking for, I also made some categories for you to browse! 

Make sure to check out the bundles if you plan on purchasing. You might be able to get a good deal, since bundles are always discounted.


Botanical Wedding Photobooth

In February I will be taking the theme Valentines Day quite literally and I have plans to come up with a lot of wedding related stuff! Me and Thomas are getting our vows renewed in February so I am in a very romantic mood. You can expect both a cc set and a venue build in February and to get you all in the spirit I did a mini version with a few exclusive items already: a photobooth!

Vacationing Home

Vacationing Patio

Instagirl Apartment

This apartment is made for your average insta fit girl and is clean and bright. Perfect to take selfies pretty much anywhere and also has everything included to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to leave your house! Completed with 2 terraces, a home office, equipment to work out from home and a clean color palette to make every selfie look good!



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Family Homes

Community Lots


Studio Apartments

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Bonus category!
Bright Colors

Pastel Colors

White and beiges

Black and Greys

Warm Tones

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Kids Rooms