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On this page you find the most common questions, in hopes you find all the information you need.

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For more general information about memberships, please visit my "about memberships" page!

For more information on the different kind of memberships please visit my "memberships" page!


Why should I become a member?

Memberships are always more beneficial when it comes to value. 

Members often get early releases, newsletters, polls to vote on and access to my exclusive forum.

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What is the difference with Patreon?

Patreon carries the same monthly content, however website members get the builds one month before Patrons do!

Patreon does not carry any of the extra's.

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How do I cancel my membership?

By simply sending me a chat message or e-mail!

Feel free to give context as to why you need to cancel. This is not mandatory! No hard feelings, I promise!


For more general information about the company or me. Please check out the "about" page!



Why do I need to pay?

Because the building takes up quite some time, and getting the build onto the website takes even more time, I am unable to keep all of this up without your support!
I have free builds though!


How does it work?

After purchasing/downloading a build you get a folder you need to unzip and place in the according game folders!

Check out my blog post about this for a pictorial!


Do you take commissions?

I generally don't! Because keeping up with builds monthly for my members I simply don't have the time!

Members get to vote on future content though!



To see what builds are available for purchase and download, please check out my build categories!


Are your builds base
game compatible?

Yes! I always make sure to disable my expansion packs when building for you guys, even community lots! You can simply make them functional by placing your own register or other pack specific objects


Is the CC included?

Also yes! I make sure to leave out paid for content so I can include the cc for you guys! 

Simply place my mods folders into your own mods folder!


Are your builds functional?

I try to make them as functional as I can, but when it comes down to it, for me design always wins! Sometimes objects just aren't functional, sometimes you just need to get an item out of the way! 


If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please reach out via the way described down below!



I havent had a response to my Insta/Tumblr dm!

I am sorry for not getting back to you, but my social media platforms are not the place where I check for questions. Please contact me elsewhere!


How do I contact you?

Please contact me by sending me a message in the chat (at the bottom of your screen) or by sending me an e-mail on: haileysbuilds@gmail.com


When will I get a reply?

I try to reply as fast as I can. I usually aim to get back to you in 24hrs. Please keep in mind that there's an actual person behind all of this, so please be understanding if I sometimes can't get back to you as fast! I eventually will, I promise!



For more general information about my cc, please visit my "CC" page!

For more information on the different kind of benefits for CC that come with membership please check out the membership page

How often do you release CC?

I release a cc set once a month! Members get the content first and then a month later I make it accessible to the public.

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Do you only make recolors?

As of now I'm mostly focusing on recolors yes. I need to come up with a full set and several builds monthly, there's only so much I can do! I aim to transform objects with my recolors though.

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Do you have merged files? I need to click too often!

Members get a one click download feature where they get a merged folder with all recolors and meshes included. To respect the TOU of creators I cant release them to everyone with meshes included!