Follower Gifts

Public Releases available for everyone!

Since there are more ways to support me than just becoming a customer or member, I want to show some appreciation to everyone supporting me in different ways as well! This is why I try to release follower gifts from time to time! Check them out below. 


January Gift 


January's member gift is a ball pit that you can completely customize yourself! (with a bonus slide, baskets and rug by the way). If you want to see how I built my ball pit or if you want to download a ready to place pre-built pit, check out my blog!


January Gift Pt. 1


1. Inflatable Pit (patterns)
2. Inflatable Pit (solids)
3. Balls (solids)

4. Balls (patterns)


January Gift Pt. 1


1. Rug
2. Little Slide
3. Basket V1

4. Basket V2