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This is a copy of mid Januarys friend
page, the download links are disabled, this is merely a copy to give you an idea of what the membership area looks like


Hey love!

I am so glad you are here!
Welcome to your personal membership area! You are currently receiving Friend perks.

Hang out with me and other members in the exclusive membership forum and check out (and get) my newest cc in one easy click! Oh and a month before the rest of the world ;) !



A brand new perk has arrived!

Most of us are still social distancing so I felt like it was about time that I would add a social aspect to my fun community! We obviously all have at least a few common interests: Sims, Interior Design, Me (haha kidding). Why not get to know each other better. Check out the new members exclusive forum! We are starting of easy with 3 categories: everything cc, build friendships and interior design! 


Coming next in January:

A collection filled with stuff for any artist out there! Inspired by @levysfriends prints a fun, colorful set will be here to embrace your inner artist!

Estimated release date: 31st of January
Estimated pieces: 32 pieces  


Baby Announcements 3 sets

3 6-piece sets in 3 different styles to announce to the world you are epxeting a bundle of joy! 

This is a special membership gift! You can either get all 3 sets at once, or just download one set. You can view the sets before making a decision by looking at the pictures!



New Year, New Me the collection

A 41 piece collection with evyerything you need for your sim to be the best version of themselves in the new year! Brand new swatches for your gear to work out from home, practice some yoga, practice some self care and even a collection jampacked with nutrients! Product Design by me from scratch! 


Laundry Day the collection

A 23 piece collection with evyerything you need for your laundry room! Brand new swatches for your detergent bottles, fabric softener, fabric and more! My personal favorite? A (16!) swatch washing machine/dryer. We all know we could use some more options in that department. It's basegame compatible and deco, so no laundry stuff pack needed!



Pastel Office the collection

A membership gift exclusively for you! No public access. Ever! If you have a sim who is always behind her desk, might as well make the environment look stylish for her right? Find everything you need for the perfect little work or drawing station!


Rainbow Room the collection

A cute little add-on collection for your kids rooms! We all can use some rainbows and pastels in our life right? This little set is only 8 pieces, but there are 10-15 swatches available for most of these items, so there is still PLENTY to choose from! Curious as to what theme for kids rooms I am picking next? Yeah.. Me too.. Send Ideas please :P



Rustic Living


Pastel Kids Stuff