Laundry Day Collection

23 piece collection - Public Release Feb 6th.

Since most of these items are recolors, make sure to also download the meshes. They are linked! Members can grab their download conveniently in one click on their membership page!


Laundry Room

1. Bottle
2. Bucket 
3. Bottle v2

4. Detergent

5. Stack of Sweaters

Laundry Room

1. Clipboard
2. Brush + Cloth
3. Clothespins
4. Padestel
5. Tissue Box
6. Laundry Tote



Laundry Room

1. Soap Bowl
2. Laundry Hamper 
3. Counter
4. Washing Machine
5. Ironing Board
6. Laundry Basket

Laundry Room

1. Towel
2. Shirt 
3. Hanging Brush
4. Rack
5. Hangers + Cloth

6. Hooks


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