New year, New me  Collection

41 piece collection - Public Release March 16th.

Since most of these items are recolors, make sure to also download the meshes. They are linked! Members can grab their download conveniently in one click on their membership page!

Home Gym Set-up

1. Bicycle (4 versions!)
2. Dumbells (3 sizes!)
3. Bench

4. Step

5. Bottle

6. Kettlebell

Home Gym Set-up

1. Yogabag
2. Tumblr
3. Tea Tumblr
4. Packet of Tea Leafs
5. Tea Diffuser
6. Mini Trampoline




1. Gymbag
2. Protein Packet 
3. Oatmilk
4. Supplements
5. Protein Tub


Self Care

1. Bodywash
2. Showergel
3. Perfume
4. Hand Cream
5. Lotion
6. Spongebag

7. Bodybutter (not pictured)


Home Gym Set-up

1. Planner Board
2. Flask 
3. Smartwatch Set
4. Hometrainer


Yoga from Home!

1. Bomberjacket
2. Pilates Ball
3. Yoga Mat laying down
4. Semi Rolled Yoga Mat
5. Yoga Mat standing up
6. Stack of Towels


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