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Another behind the scenes of an Instagram Post!

Hey guys! Since my previous blog post received a lot of love and positive feedback so I decided to do another one for you all. This time the scenery and location is a little bit easier, but the pose was a little bit harder to do. Time to show you guys how I tackle stuff like that! This is the end result of todays picture, if you want to know how I got there, please keep reading!

We are going to start with the location again:

Step 1. Set up walls for your background and determine your "playing field". I chose to not close the room so I could keep the natural outside lighting.

Step 2. I made another mural for the background. I decided to let it repeat instead of making it seamless, cause that wasn't really doable for this image.

Step 3. Use the terrain tool to get a fitting "floor" I prefer to use some more texture!

Step 4. Cover up those seams and make the background look more natural by creating depth. Foliage and bigger objects are defenitely your friend!

Now that you have your background you can start with your pose. As you already saw I am going to try to pose Emma with elephants. This is not really something you can find a bunch of poses for so I decided to improvise! I was inspired by a picture I took of Hailey in May:

In this picture I used the pose in the way it was meant to be used, since it was part of Unicorn Float Pool posepack. I now want to try to make this work for Emma too!

Step 5. Test the pose! You heard me talking about this in my previous blog and now I am going to show you what I mean by it. I placed Emma (using a teleporter) on a spot on the grid and I made sure to place a small object in the same place so I have a reference point.

After letting her pose it is very clear that this pose is going to be a little bit more difficult to work with. It's originally a Pool Pose so she is disappearing into the ground where normally the water would be. The pose creator also meant for you to place the teleporter in the middle of the Pool float, hence the big difference between the starting point and the pose.

This isn't anything we can't overcome though! By reposing her a few times I found out that I need to place the teleporter heightened 7 steps. I also want her to be posing on the left side of the reference point. So I am going to teleport her 7 steps into the air, facing us backwards.

After assuming the pose I know that this is the position I want her to be in!

Now it is time to find an elephant that matches this pose!

Nope not this one (make sure to NOT place the elephant, cause once you place an object near her, she will leave her pose! Just hover them so you can see if they could work!)

This one is not going to work either.. Note how the elephant isn't placed? This is really important to do things as efficiently as possible! I personally hate needing to re-pose my sims cause I need to scroll through a looong list.

I finally found an elephant with the perfect head size. To be face to face with Emma I needed to hover this elepehant (also 7 steps). It might look weird now, but hey, we need to think in solutions and not in problems!

Step 6. Complete the scenery of the picture. By placing the elephants Emma leaves her pose, but we had a reference point so we know exactly where to pose her again!

Step 7. Pose your sim!

Isn't it funny how a starters position of facing us backwards, hovering in the air, glitching trough an elephant can get us here:

Step 8. Take your screenshot! Now in this picture angles are more important than they have ever been, since we are dealing with a floating elephant.. I decided to use a little trick for this. I zoomed in on Emma more than I want the original picture to be and used tab mode.

Instead of zooming out the normal way, I make sure to zoom out in tab mode, since this will give you the fish lense effect and it will allow the elephants paws to stretch a little before it shows their toes!

No one can tell!

Step 8 (final step!) edit your picture. I already used my preset on all the pictures above, but this would usually be the time to place on your preset. I also edited a few other things, can you spot them?

- I edited the glitch in her armpit. I used picmonkey and facetune2 for this! In picmonkey I used the drawing tool to draw in the glitch with surrounding colors and blurred this to look smooth in facetune2 - I edited in some sunshine and did so in a strategic place. By placing the sun in the corner I simultaneously hide the little line that makes it look like a room! - I accentuated Emma's contour a little bit

So this is what goes into the pictures I post on my Instagram. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing this process and hopefully you learned a little something too. If you want to see more of this or see how I edit, please let me know, cause I would love to share! Please stay safe and take care of yourself and the people around you during these trying times. Lots of love! -xxx- Hails

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