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Behind the scenes of a beachy Instagram picture!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Hey guys! Today I thought it would be fun to take you with me on the journey of creating an Instagram post from start to finish. Well almost start to finish. I mostly work with basegame because I want my builds to be accessible to everyone! For your sims to be able to visit the beach, you normally would need to purchase the expansion pack Island Living, which can be pretty costly. But today I am going to show you how you can give your sims perfect beach pictures anyway! This is the end result of todays picture, if you want to know how I got there, please keep reading! (a huge thanks to @thegoldiesims for letting me use Emma's bestie Winnie and little Rudy for these pictures!)

Let's first start with the location:

Step 1. Set up walls for your background and determine your "playing field". I chose to not close of the room so I could keep the natural outside lighting.

Step 2. Get yourself a beachy background! I chose to make a wall mural of 16 swatches for this location to give myself a base to work with.

Step 3. You don't need a floor or terrain paint. What you're going to want to do is use special custom content. There are several sort of sand rugs out there. Just kind of start covering the floor with them.

Step 4. To get the most realistic result (and to make it a little bit easier on yourself) make sure to size up the sand once, twice or even three times and alternate between sizes to get a natural looking bumpy effect.

Step 5. Give yourself a bit of a base to work on. Because the sand isn't leveled it might be hard to build on. Using different heights will give the picture more liveliness and depth too! I used the "Guajira Outfoor" coffeetable by Nikadema for this and sized it up once.

I went on with placing coffeetables until I had a little deck. I used a few coffeetables in their original size to make the steps.

Step 6. Add some scenery. You kind of want things to have a little bit of "body" so the background will look more realistic. It will look like there is actually a sea somewhere in the back if you create an extra layer in front of it.

Step 7. No picture is complete without some plants/greenery! Make sure to get beach-appropriate foliage like palm trees.

Step 8. Add some more details to make everything look even more realistic. The fences will help with creating depth and not have the background look too "fake". The bar is just because your sims will love you for it ;)

Now that you have your background you can start setting up the scenery for the picture! (By the way, if you have issues creating a beach background, I got you covered! This specific background is downloadable as your own photobooth (basegame compatible!) Get it here.

Step 8. Set up a little scenery for your sims to pose with.

Step 9. Place the teleporters accordingly. Something that really helps for me when combining poses like this, is testing them out beforehand. Place the teleporter on a marked spot and see what way your sim will face and if your sim might be on a different spot than the teleporter was originally marked. Because I did this prior, my teleporters are facing a different way than my sims will eventually be in!

(if you're new to poses, these are the mods that I use for them: Teleporter & Pose Player)

Step 10. Teleport your sims (or your besties sims in my case haha) to the spot you want them to be in. They might look a little awkard just standing there, but you'll get there!

Step 11. Start posing your sims in the pose you intended for them. I generally like not posing them at the same time because if I mess up the first one, I can adjust right away without having to pose them all over again multiple times.

Emma was up first! As you can see she is in a different angle than she initially was standing in. She is also sitting on the kiddie pool, while I didn't heighten her teleporter. This is why you really want to make sure to test your poses first.

Winnies turn! You see that Winnie is now showing us her side profile even though she was facing us at first.

Little Rudy is the last one to complete the puzzle. He is now facing us instead of showing us his back. I said it, and I'll say it again: test. and. plan. your. poses.

Step 12. Finetune and edit where needed! (as you can see the green plumbob above Winnies head disappeared. I used the cheat: headlineeffects off before taking the picture).

For those of you that haven't noticed. I edited in the kiddie pool water by using a pool water PNG image. Because Emma was originally meant to be holding a coffee cup I edited in a little coconut drink in her hands. Winnie was meant to be holding a child, so to make her hands look less awkard I edited in a beachball. If you all want to know more about how to do this, let me know so I can maybe write another tutorial about this!

Step 13. (final step!) Add your filter and tweak the lighting. I had my filter on for all these pictures already, but normally this is where the picture really comes together for me! I added 2 sources of light/sunrays and I blurred the corner line a little to make it look less like a room and more like a natural background. I also toned the water a little!

So this is what goes into the pictures I post on my Instagram. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing this process and hopefully you learned a little something too. If you want to see more of this or see how I edit, please let me know, cause I would love to share! Please stay safe and take care of yourself and the people around you during these trying times. Lots of love! -xxx- Hails

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