How to: build-your-own-ballpit!

Updated: Jan 4

Hey guys! In case you missed it.. I made a little cc set which will allow you to build your own ball pit! This might seem a little complicated at first, but I promise you that it is really easy AND building it yourself allows you optimal customization. Keep reading for more!

Nelly is enjoying herself, as you can see! This can be your little one as well.

First of all you will need the pieces in this set. You can download them here There are a total of 8 items: - balls in 1 solid color - rug - balls with a pattern - little slide - inflatable pit in 1 solid color - basket v1

- inflatable pit with a pattern - basket v2

It might be a little unnecessary to tell you this, but this is not a functional toy. This is for decoration only! Just so we're all on the same page.

It might seem a little annoying to build this pit from scratch, especially since you might need a lot of balls! However: the inflatable hearts have 39 swatches combined and the balls have 31 swatches combined. This means you can make endless combinations. Literally! Being able to move the balls around also allows for really animated pictures (the picture above is taken by placing some balls higher in the air by using the 9 key)

So how do you go about it? I am going to teach you! At the bottom of this article you can also find a download link for a pre-built ball pit, so make sure to keep reading till the end!

I am going to show you how I made this little set-up using the full set! (please note: background decor is not included)

First start of with determening where you want to build your little pit! Place the first layer of the inflatable heart float.

Make sure to place the second inflatable heart float exactly on top of the first one. You can press the alt key while placing it to place it in the exact same spot! Higher them by pressing the 9 key twice. Adding your slide and baskets gives you a clear idea of where you need to place your balls!

Start placing your balls (again, holding the alt key while you're doing it gives you so much more freedom!).I like doing it in layers. First the bottom layer. And I cheat a little in the baskets by sizing up the balls a bit to fill up those baskets a bit faster!

I make it a bit easier for myself by placing the balls first and then using the coloring tool to change the swatches later on! Make sure to put a third layer (again, the 9 button is your friend) and fill up your baskets. Placing some balls around the pit makes it look lively as well!

If you did it right, it should come out something like this! If you love the end result but don't want to do all the work I got you covered. I made a little separate room you can place in your existing build. Just remove the walls and you're good to go! Download the trays here (please note, cc is not included! you can download the items here)

Enjoy your little ball pit! Nelly and I sure am enjoying it! Feel free to tag me if you use them! Instagram: @emmascustomcontent - @emmasbuilds

Tumblr: -

Lots of love,


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