• Emma

How to: Import my builds into your game

Hey guys! For those of you who are new to importing builds into your game, here is a little pictorial on how to do it! Let's say we are going to download my Floral Office today!

If you inspect a little closer, you can see that you can click the "here" and your download will start automatically! (if you purchase a paid for build, you will receive a PDF file with such a link). A zip file will be downloaded and after unzipping this file this is what you will get!

The pictures folder is probably pretty self explanatory, it provides you with pictures of the build haha! Please open the download folder to proceed:

These black files represent your tray files. These files are usually labeled room, rim, trayitem, blueprint or bpi! They might look a little different in windows, so this is how you are going to recognise them. The blue mods folder includes all the cc I've used. Again pretty self explanatory I reckon. What you're going to want to do next is place the files in the corresponding game folders. You are going to want to look up your game folder (in most cases this will be in your documents). Look out for a folder named: Electronic Arts and your sims 4 folder should show up!

If you look into your game folders you will be able to find a Mods folder and a Tray folder. Place the tray files in the tray folder and cc package files in your mods folder! Now go to your game and go to your library (make sure to have cc enabled by ticking the box on the left of your screen, or else they won't show up!)

My builds are pretty easy to recognise haha, so look out for one of my colourful thumbnails! Now simply place the build or room and make sure to have the cheat bb.moveobjects on enabled when you do to make sure all items are placed! Hopefully this pictorial was of help. I hope you enjoy! -xox- Hails