If you want a fully personalized baby announcement I got you covered!

By purchasing this little bundle you get:

A separate room download with a set-up ready to place into your sims home, the beach or wherever you want to announce. Just simply remove the walls and it's ready for pictures! All the custom items are included and you can use them in any way you want to aside from the set-up if you'd rather do it yourself.  This is just an extra service to showcase the concept you asked for and it allows me to add additional non personalized cc to get your idea across!

The custom pieces included are:
- a onesie
- a letterboard
- an ultrasound
- a pacifier
- blocks
- a plushie 

You get to decide what you want, what colors/patterns to use, what theme it should be, the text, the picture used and so on! For more questions before purchasing feel free to come say hi in the chat box or send me an e-mail on: haileysbuilds@gmail.com

(delivering custom baby announcements can take anywhere between 1-4 days)

Customized Baby Announcement