In this mega bundle you get the most value for your buck!

Receive all the content that has been released on this website during the months April to November for a discounted bundle price! 

Currently contains a total of 68 downloads of which 42 downloads are completely unique! (some separate downloads are also part of a bigger build. you get to decide if you want to place the full build or just the separate room)

Contains full builds:
Boho Container
Boho Family Home
Boho Renovation
Coffee Center
Concept Clothing Store
Edens Home
Emma's Home
Family Farmhouse
Flower Shop
Foodie Trailer
Girly Studio
Haileysbuilds Office
Ice Cream Store
Industrial Family Home
Jacobs Guesthouse
Kenyan Hideout
Lanas Home
Livs Lens
Meghans Oasis
Modern Family Home
Modern Renovation
Oliana's Trailer
Pastels and Pastries
Russo Family Home
Seaside Apartment
Seaside Hotel
Seaside Restaurant
Sjefs House
Starter Renovation
Student Hangout
Turquoise Home

Contains Separate Room builds:
Black and White Trailer
Boho Trailer
Boho Twins Room
Chelseas Salon
Dots Twins Room
Family Trailer
Heavenly Artist Studio
Home Salon
Oasis Patio
Starter Studio (female)
Starter Studio (male)

Contains Separate Rooms (part of full builds):
Apt. Above the Store
Blue Kitchen
Boho Nursery
Breakfast Bar
Clutter Kitchen
Cocktail Bar
Edens Roof Terrace
Farmhouse Kids Room
Farmhouse Nursery
Farmhouse Toddler Room
Girls Room
Haileys Office
Lanas Office
Lanas Patio
Minty Apartment
Modern Kitchen
Pastel Studio
Seamstress Office
Seaside B&B Apt.
Sjefs Patio
Striped Kidsroom
Striped Nursery
Studio Patio
Twins Nursery
Twins Toddler Room
Youtuber Office

Mega Bundle

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